January 30th, 2020


Childhood Snapshots...

Throwback Thursday:
We used to pass this courthouse in the nearby affluent suburb of Garden City pretty often, when I was a kid. My pre-school sister was convinced for ages that the Queen lived there!

Once, we set off in the car for a shopping excursion in  Jamaica, Queens. The sib enthused 'Jamaica! Isn't that where they dance in the streets?' (That was a big letdown for her...) 

Another grim and  drizzly day. Got wet in the park.  Tried the  cafe at Wholefoods, Clapham Junction, which was cheaper and better than expected. Got a mug of 'Shroom Mocha'  which is delicious. Must go again.
Checked out the first episode of PICARD. So far so good.

Was nauseated by the scenes in Brussels yesterday.  Everyone was being quite generous and civilised about the whole thing, apart from the grotesque Farage and  Widdecombe ( I think she's finally gone totally mad, BTW...) pathetically waving their little flags.  How embarrassing and depressing.