January 19th, 2020

flying adipose


Actual hard frost this morning, with a slick of ice on the puddles. This has become such an unusual sight, it's creepy.  I should have worn one of my 'village idiot' hats, as I ended up rushing my workout, due to being so cold...

Films, etc. this week:
US was a good, intelligent horror; original, and quite creepy, although lacking in jump scares, etc. I liked it better than Jordan Peele's last chiller.GET OUT, although that was good too.
THE DEATH OF STALIN  was OK, but overrated, I thought. The cast was excellent, with Simon Russel Beale fab, as usual, as Beria. No great effort was made to have the actors look that similar to their  historical counterparts, but I found Steve Buscemi, much as I like him, outstandingly weird casting as Kruschev...
Caught up with ALIEN: COVENANT, which I'd only seen parts of. It's dull, IMO
DOCTOR WHO was reasonably entertaining...Nikola Tesla kidnapped by shape-shifting, fangy aliens.
DEADWATER FELL is good and grim. I rekon David Tennant is such a bad hat, he dunnit, but that's far too obvious, so who did?