January 8th, 2020


No More Cast!

Had a long wait at the clinic, but the result was good. My wrist, while still very hurty when I move it along the 'crack', apparently has healed unusually well. The doctor remarked that my capacity for movement, despite my groans and grizzles, was possibly the best he'd seen, straight out of the cast. I'll be having physio, of course, and doing the exercises they advised. So, thank you, gods and saints, and all who sent good vibes. It even looks 'normal', not bendy, like the other one, that they operated on.
I was so chuffed, I even made an effort to do a shorter, gentler workout in the park, cheered on by hungry squirrels and crows. It didn't go too badly, so I'll start  slowly working up to my 'usual' over the next week or so.
Watched a documentary about Hokusai , which I'd seen before, but it was so good it was worth watching again.