January 6th, 2020


Stupid Waste...

Saw a discarded Christmas tree in the rubbish on 26 Dec, as well as chocolate Easter eggs in a supermarket. Pisses me right off...
Watched  A GHOST STORY on Netflix, which, despite being almost unbearably slow, became mesmerising, if you went with it; poetic, and actually rather moving. Also saw most of BERNIE, a decent tragicomedy starring Jack Black and Shirley MacClaine, about a curious murder, based on a real case.
More damn puking. I thought I was getting better. Oh well, another appointment in a few weeks.
Looks like they've cut the DOCTOR WHO budget in half. Haven't seen such lame aliens sice the early 70's.
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Once A Catholic...

Must be my early  years of non-stop religious force-feeding. but I found myself  curious to check out THE TWO POPES. I actually found it very absorbing, and even uplifting! Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins (even looked a bit like Pope Ratzo-) were excellent. I liked that there were lots of scenes of a near-empty Sistine Chapel, too...When I was there, it was a real scrum,but I was still pretty thrilled.