January 4th, 2020


Slouching About...

Plodded to launderette and back,, had a coffee, fed the critters and used the leg press. Saw that woman who used to be amiable, but fell out with R Next Door, and now doesn't speak to me.
Read the latest horrible news, had some bread and cheese, barfed, then felt so knackered, I spent half the afternoon in bed. Jeez...
Too bad about the DRACULA finale. The first episode was so good, then the second was still pretty cool, but Gattiss and Moffat fell into the trap of waking the Count in a rather tedious present day. Not enought time was spent with Sister Agatha's modern relative, and it mostly centred on the shallow glamour girl Lucy Westerna and her boring boyfriends. I did rather enjoy Mr Gattiss' Renfield cameo, but on the whole, meh. Damn shame.
Saw part of a jawdroppingly grotesque game show THE MASKED SINGER, in which 'celebrities' disguised in weird costumes sing for a panel of more 'celebs' who try to guess who they are, etc. Bizarre, and the decor was pretty unheimlich, too, with lots of purple squiggles and two giant masks that from some angles, appeared to be vomiting.