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Briefly Back..

PC functional-ish, touch wood. I just thought the LJ universe should know about this really intersting -looking book. (thank you jedibitch, Of
Ooh, there's a book about it coming out: "The Song Reader by Lisa Tucker - pub date 5th July.
Why do songs get stuck in our heads? What is it about particular lyrics that they play over and over in our minds? What are the connections between music and memory, and music and emotion? Researchers have studied the scientific effects of music on the brain for years. But a song reader can tell you what your mental soundtrack is trying to say about you."

The Inner Jukebox phenomenon has always intrigued me. All last week I was dogged by a bit from FORZA DEL DESTINO when hard-luck girl Leonora has decided, as you do, to run off and become an anchorite.
She and the local monks who have taken her in then burst into a heartfelt prayer to 'The Virgin ofhe Angel Host'... D'Oh! now I've got it back!

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