December 20th, 2019

sad scrooge

Yuletide Approaching...

Yet another feckin' dreich morning; had to get a rush hour bus to St Thomas'. Luckily, I was seen almost immediately. They changed the cast and it feels much more secure now. Heh! The nurse remarked. 'Well you get out of doing the washing up.' (Oh yeah?)
I have two windows stuck open again, and a gale blowing in. I'm ashamed to have to ask the council for help every year, but maybe they should have put in windows that arthritic people can manage...
Finished listening to Michelle Paver's DARK MATTER on R4. It was pretty spooky, especially with the wild wind blowing into the flat.
Looking for something different to watch, I thought I'd check out 1776 on Netflix. It's considered a classic in the US, and some people watch it every year and get all emotional. It is very, very, embarassingly dreadful.