December 9th, 2019

flying adipose

Thank You, Jesus! ...

Had to get up around 7:00 to make sure I got to the hospital on time. Of course, I had to wait about 45 minutes past my appointment time, anyway...There was this poor old bloke babbling away to the receptionists, who gently got rid of him by steering him towards me. He seemed compelled, like the Ancient Mariner, to repeat his horrible experiences to everyone he encountered. He'd been treated for bowel cancer, then they found out he had 'prostrate' cancer, and recently they also discovered a very rare jaw cancer! After his visit to Denmark Hill, he had to schlep for  the afternoon  to Croydon, where they put 'chain mail' on your head and zap you, etc. etc, etc. Jeez, it's a hard knock life.
Finally I was summoned, and it turns out the new tablets and stopping the alendronic acid, seem to have greatly improved the oesophagus and stomach lesions. I've puked less, and feel OK. They think that the wonky lymph nodes are probably caused by my eternally inflamed leg, so I'll be getting that looked into, yet  again, but they're not bothering with the hiatus hernia op for now. (Yay-) I feel quite relieved and grateful.
That ELIZABETH IS MISSING play last night on BBC1 was certainly intense. Glenda Jackson is still firing on all cylinders,  and made 'Maud's Alzhiemer's decline pretty gut-wrenching. I was getting morbid, of course, thinking that if I survive another ten years,that'll be me; only without a kind,affluent family to take me in and tend me. Shudder.
Watched THE KING the other day. It's had mediocre reviews, but I  thought it pretty decent. I'd prefer Shakespeare, but this was a reasonable take on  the Hal/Henry V saga, and I loved Robert Patison's  cartoon Dauphin.
Also watched  a tidy little Netflix horror  film  THE HOLE. Nothing original, but  effectively spooky, with good acting, a shivery soundtrack, and nice rural woowoo atmosphere.