December 2nd, 2019



...Such a lovely crisp day, and I can't really do anything. I crept like snail to the launderette, with another load. (I had a big sack, but really couldn't manage; now I've divided it into three, which will, of course, cost more. but I can't just leave it all stinking, until R Next Door finds the time to drive there.) I feel exhausted, now, and my wrist is probably gonna come out like a corkscrew.
It's impossible, though. I can't just sit in this shithole like some zombie carcass for six weeks,on my tod.
That ARENA documentary on Seamus Heaney on BBC2 the other night was really very good; rather moving. I suggest looking it out on iPlayer.
The finale of WAR OF THE WORLDS was a bit soppy, but on the whole, it wasn't bad at all.
I think I have an interspieces crush on Iorek in HIS DARK MATERIALS.
Went to the park to do some leg presses and feed the critters. R was there with the dawgs, and went on about how exhausted she is. She's got a sore throat, and another poor gosling died. Four left.