November 29th, 2019


You Better Believe It...

You could shamble on to a London bus with your head tucked underneath your arm,and 90% of your fellow rough riders would cut you no slack.
Why are we humans such  self-centred uncaring creatures? (Self included, of course...)
The WATCHMEN series wasn't finished, after all. Watched ep 6, which was interesting. but  I Missed Jeremy Irons' crazed caperings as Ozymandias.
The tooth under the crown  that fell out, was really rotten, so it has to come out, next week.  Fabulous. Thank heaven it's right at the back.
Watched HITCHCOCK, which was a fictionalised  tale of the making of PSYCHO, notable mainly for how very weird Anthony Hopkins looked in prosthetic face and fatsuit.



Black Friday...

Agh,  R Next Door hasn't yet  taken the laundry  in the car, so I decided to have a go, myself. It was an extremely slow walk, pushing the Sholley with one hand, and, of course, my left wrist is a bit feeble, now.  Did it, anyway. There's still another bag to be dealt with, and the return treks of course, Meh.
Think I'll check out THE IRISHMAN on Netflix over the weekend. At three hours, I'll probably need two or three 'goes', due to nodding off.
Watched the second ep of VIENNA BLOOD, which was better than the first,and moderately interesting. I still think 90 minutes is a bit long for what it is, though. The main problem, for me is 'Max', the dull and weedy hero.
There's been 'an incident' at London Bridge, with casualties, but I don't think anyone's dead, thank gods, and the terrorist (?) has been captured.
Nights are really chilly, now. Just two more sleeps until I'm 'allowed' to switch the heat on.
Actually had some bright weather this morning, but it's clouded over.
Six of R's Egyptian goslings are still alive, but I don't know how they'll survive, unless they're captured, and coddled on low heat in the cooker, or something. They're just not supposed to be born here at this time of year. Very sad, and she goes mental when they die.