November 27th, 2019

dot cotton

Misery Me, Lackadaydee...

Had to wait over two hours to see the Fractue Clinic doc, after another X-ray... Seems the break has slipped a bit, which will leave me deformed and creaky, If I were young, he said he'd recommend surgery, but it will probably be OK-ish. Well, I HAD surgery on the left side, and ended up deformed and creaky there, as I wouldn't go back for yet another op.  I just couldn't to another six weeks in a cast with no support at home. As long as I can doodle, write, tidy up, feed myself, and do my lil' workout, I'll cope, sort of. He did say that I look quite well for 72 (?) and that I 'looked like' an artist (dirty and dishevelled?)...Trying to be nice, I guess. Anyway, fuck it all, I'm spent.
Big celeb death trip today...Jonathan Miller, Howard Cruse, Clive James, and a TV chef who was only 59. *Sigh**
R Next Door actually did change the light bulb for me, so that helps a bit.
Had a melancholy encounter with one of my beggars outside ASDA. His sweet dog, who looks much younger, is 16, and can no longer walk, keeps falling into his own shit, etc. so he'll have to get him put down in a few days. He's obviously really hurting, poor devil. What can you do? I can't bear it, sometimes...
Still following GOLD DIGGER. The creepy toyboy is so obviously a wrong 'un, that I guess it has to have a twist that proves he's really OK