November 25th, 2019


Shivering And Shitting...

Here I sit, hoping  my colon is 'prepared' by now. I couldn't even manage the 'light breakfast', I was so sick with fear. I feel incredibly cold, although it's actually about ten degrees.  The light bulb in the ceiling has just blown out. Exactly what I need, with no one to change it. R Next Door is unsteady on the kick-step too.
It's insane to be this fretful. It does seem I'm suddenly disintegrating all over, though. So damn weak...
Latest couch potato experiences:
Watched a fairly bizarre 50's film, OH...ROSALINDA!,  an updated DIE FLEDERMAUS in a postwar Vienna occupied by Allied forces. Very Powell & Pressberger, with those surreal backgrounds and lurid colours. Interesting.
Let down by THE  SINNER, the new Saturday mystery. I was sure it had been announced as a new series, but I've definitely seen it. Bah.
NAME OF THE ROSE  creeps on. It's improved a bit, but I think four episodes would have worked better than eight.

Much later:  I survived, thank gods, but what a dreadful experience. Will spare any readers the extreme TMI, but at one point, I could hear a man yelling in another room. Then another victim, a woman, started going 'Stop!' 'Stop!' 'Stop!' all the time. I think they might have given up, in the end. A few times, I didn't think I could take any more, either, but then I would have had to go back  for another try; too horrendous to contemplate.
I'm still experiencing the gross after-effects, but I'm so relieved...It was bliss to swill coffee, and enjoy the latest ep of WAR OF THE WORLDS, with Moon purring on my shoulder.