November 11th, 2019



Woo, it was pretty cold this morning. I had to get up around 6:30 to allow for possible chaotic delays getting to the hospital. There's always a strong chance of that, but, of course, I ended up nearly an hour early, so I could shiver and shake  while waiting, and longing for coffee and food.
They shot radioactivity into me, and I had to lie in the dark for an hour to absorb it. The scan itself wasn't too bad, except that it lasted nearly half an hour. The camera did its work, though, so at least I don't have to get it done again. Now I can sweat bullets until they notify me of the results.
Really enjoying HIS DARK MATERIALS so far. Not familiar with the books.
Think I may actually skip exercising today. I was drained and dizzy for an hour or so after the ordeal, and I still feel pfffft.
I also feel an urge to switch the heat on for a bit, but I'm trying to hold out until December.