November 5th, 2019


One O' Those Days...

I was sipping an Americano in the newish Sicillian cafe down the road, when  I was suddenly hit by 'acid reflux' and had to run for  the (mercifully nearby-) loo and  barf it up. I frightened the life out of the wee man who is always attentive to the point of being annoying, and had to explain I had a hiatus hernia, etc, and was waiting for surgery. Mortification.
My brother-in-law has something called Barett's Oesophagus, which sounds very much like what they're checking out it me. He has to have endoscopies 3-4 times a year!  Ogodogodogod...That would be just my luck.
Then, as I wobbled home, I got rained on.
THEN I discovered that RADIO TIMES hadn't come. Bum!
 Oh well, got my workout done without getting wet, anyway.
I'm interested to see how DUBLIN MURDERS turns out. It remains totally WTFF so far. What a silly thing to do, cobble two  complicated tales together. like that.