November 2nd, 2019


Perv In The Park...

I was planning on lying about idle all day, as the wind was so high and it was raining. It stopped for a while, though, and I ran into R Next Door heading out with the dawgs, so I thought I'd be 'good', and do my 'flailing'...After a bit, she retreated, and I was left alone in the park, with that creepy young man who always just sits on a bench with his legs spread, staring into space. At one point , I wheeled around, and noticed that he had his full (quite substantial-) 'breakfast' out, wavin' in the breeze. I was tempted to call out 'Put it away, sonny' or something, but was afraid that he might get up and pull a knife to murder me. He's very tall and fit looking. I wasn't about to let him cut my session short, though, after all that forcing myself to come down, so I carried on, moving to the equipment on the other end. When I came back up the path, he was tugging away at his appendage industriously. 'Most sickening sign' ...By then, I was nearly done, so wound down, and scuttled off coffee-wards.  People are strange.
Have been watching THE TERROR: INFAMY, which is interesting, but not quite as riveting as the first series, based on the doomed Erebus/Terror expedition. It's up to episode 4, now, and getting fairly scary.