November 1st, 2019


Manky, Moody...

It's unpleasantly warm, but  dank and dismal, so you need a jacket. Meh. No trick or treat last night, mercifully. I used to love it, as a kid. I don't recall ever doing 'tricks' on anyone. We were quite goody-goody little kids, really. I remember  we used to consider it especially cool if we were given home made cookies (which , of course, you wouldn't dare touch, nowadays.)  and sometimes, even money! Then there was a  'torchlight' parade when it got dark. We marched to one of the local schools, where we were given a free ice cream and watched cartoons. I think there was a costume competition, too, but I never won anything.
Must say I'm glad Inktober is over. I just had no inspiration at all this year; found the prompts very uninspiring, and I'm utterly without creativity these days.

#inktober/ doodlediary