October 28th, 2019


Hospital Horror, Cool Exhibit...

Well, I'm definitely having another endoscopy, 'before Christmas'. They're concerned about the inflamed oesophagus , and think it may be due to taking the alendronic acid that's supposed to keep my bones from disintegrating. So, I'm to stop taking that. They also expect to operate on the hiatus hernia, as it's quite big, and is likely causing a lot of the nausea. Fuck my old boot! Just as well I hadn't booked a holiday...
Afterwards, I went to the Royal Festival Hall to see that Koestler Arts  ANOTHER ME exhibit,  of work by people in prison/secure mental wards. It's terrific, really; so much talent banged up, I was very impressed. It closes on 3 November, so hurry up and check it out, if you're on the South Bank.
Watched the 2018 HALLOWEEN; not bad, but I never found those films scary and don't understand how the original is considered such a classic.

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