October 19th, 2019

Going to Hell

'Super Saturday'...

Ohhh, I'm so tired. I actually made it to the Queer Fayre, which was full of very tempting artycrafty stuff to buy, if you could, and everyone seemed quite nice. Ended up spending a few quid. Would have liked to spend much more...before I fled. The walking is actually tiring me, a bit, and my leg's still vaguely achy. Started doing a few leg presses in the park, though...
Continuing to be let down by BBC's THE NAME OF THE ROSE series. It  has so much going for it, but it's dragging.
I wasn't too excited by GIRI/HAJI either. I liked the Tokyo location stuff, the depressive  detective (Takehiro Hira) was wearily convincing, and I quite like Rodney the sassy rent boy. Again, it's all a bit draggy, though.
Looks like there's gonna be a delayed Brexit. Don't postpone it, just feckin' STOP it. Oh, I'm too tired to think about it. Nice to see the crowds out for  the second referendum rally, though.

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