October 14th, 2019


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Whoa, what a very bleak day... I did a bit of a workout, with no leg presses or anything, but walkied as much as I could manage between downpours. I really want to sleep a lot, though. (Nothing new-)  Got to remove the bandage and have my first shower since Saturday morning. It doesn't look as bad as expected; hardly any bruising. (Hope that's not a sign it hasn't worked-) Swelling has gone down a bit, too.
Didn't attempt to go anywhere much, due to the Opening of Parliament. Thought Liz was looking pretty decrepit, poor old soul. She must be pretty cheesed off...I've always thought it would be great fun to be Black Rod. They've finally got a woman one, so how about me? I believe they get £90,000 a year, and all...

New crime series ahoy tonight., DUBLIN MURDERS. Great weather for some nice morbid telly.

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