October 9th, 2019


More Med Stuff...

Got my B12 and flu shots out of the way, but didn't work out. I've still got this feeling of a cold trying to take hold, with constant sneezing and runny nose, so thought taking it a bit easy might help.
To my shock, I got a call from the hospital saying they can do my vein stripping thing on SATURDAY! (I was told that I'd probably have to wait for about three months!  They say I'll be OK to get home alone on the bus. (It's only a short trip from St Thomas', which is good.)  I'm petrified, of course, though.
Just gonna try not to think about i
Tomorrow, I have my introduction to CT scans, for the gastric thing. Hopefully, it doesn't involve pain, anyway. Gods have mercy.
Finishe watching CARNIVAL ROW; not much cop, but it did look good.

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