September 26th, 2019


Wet & Windy...

I enjoyed that Sue Perkins in Japan mini-series. Totally superficial, of course, but lots of sights to see vicariously, and I quite like Sue.
Another annoying 'sunshine and showers' day. I managed to fit in my 'workout' in the afternoon, though. We certainly need the rain, but I wish it would rain 'properly' - all day, so that I could bunk off exercise without guilt. 

I came across this sketchbook from  2011, I think, which I'd forgotten about. Never finished it, for some reason. One of the things in it was this Amazy strip.
I lost her in 2014, and this was the only time I recall her being a bit off colour until her sudden, sad end.

I really do need to win Euromillions tomorrow. Come on, Saint Expedite!
Sharon on EASTENDERS is being blackmailed, and every time her tormentor. Mel, turns the knife, she does this wonderful lip-quivering face  like Sue Ellen used to do on DALLAS. Lovin' it.