September 20th, 2019


GI Clinic...

Schlepped to King's College Hospital to discuss my gastric woes, at last. I'm considered a great success, in the weight loss department, although I'm still quite obese. I'd kind of hoped to get down to a 'normal' size, but still, I'm more or less content, except for the heartburn and puking.
Next step will be an endoscomy (oh shit-) and, possibly a barium meal. I've not had the pleasure of either procedure before, but know several people who have, and they were quite adamant about how delightful the experience is. Oh well, it's gotta be done, I guess. This time they just took an armful of blood for various tests, and I was on my way.
Another warm, sunny day, but thank gods, there was a nice breeze so it wasn't unpleasant.
I went and had a look around Elephant & Castle. Had bus problems on the way back, and had  to give up and walk an extra mile or so.
Saw quite a few kids with Climate Change posters, but haven't actuall seen anything of the demo, yet.