September 11th, 2019

ganesh reading

Buyin' Books...

Decided to go to Waterstones on Piccadilly, as they have a decent selection of graphic novels. I wanted to get THE BOOK OF WEIRDO with my remaining book tokens. They didn't fucking have it, and don't plan to re-order. Shops that have only comic stuff never take book tokens. Grunt.
I did score Kate Charlesworth's SENSIBLE FOOTWEAR, and am reading it slowly, to make it last. So far, so fab. I also, impulsively got HOW I TRIED TO BE A GOOD PERSON. (Way too pricey-) by Ulli Lust. I haven't seen her work before, but I really like her style, and it looks interesting.
Have continued to watch CARNIVAL ROW, which so far, is moderately diverting, and considerably better than expected. The werewolf CGI wasn't so hot, but on the whole, it looks great.