August 30th, 2019



Lovely breeze today, so feel rather perkier. Even with the official 'heatwave' done, I've been feeling hot and yucky. I hope the extreme weather hasn't broken my thermostat, or something!
The world continues disintegrating apace... I had intended to check out the Zine Fair at the Horse Hospital tomorrow, but I'm not sure if it's going to be possible, as transport is sure to be completely messed up by giant anti- Boris demos (as indeed, it should be-) Well, we'll see what happens...
Watched a passable Korean horror on Film 4, TRAIN TO BASU; an ultra-violent zombie jamboree.
I really have to travel a bit, before I get any feebler and/or totally run out of money and/or Brexit kicks in , but I've become so afraid of going anywhere on my own. I never used to be like this...(Snivel)