August 17th, 2019


The Wind Doth Blow...

Whoooo! Glad I was able to get my workout in. Looks like the weather is gonna get pretty rough soon. The wind is already whipping up a bit.
I finished my binge of DER PASS last night. I wasn't all that impressed at the beginning, but despite a certain lack of originality, it got pretty gripping as it continued., and I liked the characters, and pagan elements. I must also mention a genuinely creepy score, which  added a lot. The ending completely knocked me for six, too. I should have seen it coming, of course, but it really gave me a bit of a shock. I suggest watching, if you have NOW TV  or SKY ATLANTIC
I have a retinue of three crows who follow me every day, awaiting their share of monkey nuts. Fascinating little sods. They're so nasty, always squabbling, pecking at each other and other critters, greedy and loutish, but they seem to have a sense o humour, which I can never resist.