August 15th, 2019


Sunny And Breezy...

I looked up NOS4A2, which I started watching last night, and the reviews complain that it's very bland compared to the book (by son of King Joe Hill. ) I may read it some time. As I said, I'm finding the series quite decent, if derivative and rather lacking in woowoo power.
It was pleasant to work out this morning. Strange how I hate it, but I'm addicted, now. Thank gods for that, anyway, or I'd be even more of a decrepit mess, probably in a wheelchair by now. As a bonus, I got to see two squirrels fucking, Chortle.
To my chagrin, I seem to have forgotten about the Kate Charlesworth exhibit, which closed yesterday. DAMN!
I'm still grousing and glooming about what a failure I am, and how I should have applied myself more.

I suppose most people my age suffer from this kind of funk to some degree or other. We
all fuck it up, in some areas, at least... I'm one of the poor  fools who have fucked up EVERYTHING. Grunt.
Also saw the second part of the Jade bioseries. That CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER  dustup was really strange. I suppose I'm Wrong. but , while she was , to a degree, bullying  the prissy Bollywood princess, Shipla Shetty, the racisim, if there, I think was very low grade indeed. Jade was practically burnt at the stake for mockingly calling the diva 'Shipla Poppadom'!  Plus, the other chav girls all said things at least as rude, but were spared the extreme villification. Poor old Jade. She was such a mess, but you had to sort of like her, and her fate was so cruel.