August 8th, 2019


Steaming On...

Phew, I continue to feel overwhelmed by jungle mugginess, even when it's rather cloudy and breezy. There was a man on the Boris Sweatbox Bus with one of those little handheld fans, though, so at least I'm not the only one.  Looks like there may be some strong wind and rain for the weekend, though.
I was absorbed by the Jade Goody three-part documentary, starting on channel 4 last night. Poor girl, starting out the most degraded of chavs, 'achieving' wealth and fame, just to die of cancer at 27. It's a cruel old world.
SACRED WONDERS on BBC1 is pretty fabulous to see. The Angkor Wat  stuff was incredible, as was the footage of blokes performing an excruciating ceremony in Malaga, carrying a stunning statue of the Virgin of Hope around the narrow streets on a gigantic golden throne. Crazy, but damned impressive.

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