August 1st, 2019


Trash Telly...

Watched the start of new murder mystery DER PASS on Now TV. Very derivative, dead-body-on-the-border tale... I  do rather like the grumpy Austrian tec, who used to work in Vienna were Something Happened, and he transferred to the boonies. He obviously has PTSD, and necks meds disguised in sugar cubes, apparently never bathes, or changes his grubby clothes..
Slight woowoo potential, as there's a dodgy survivalist group with a creepy leader calling himself 'Cernunnos'. I rather doubt I'll stick the whole series, though, unless it perks up.
Over on EASTENDERS, the unkilllable Phil Mitchess lies insensible,  having been knocked into the pit at the garage again. (Last time, I think he had to have a metal plate put in his head-) He's been gunned down at least twice, survived any number of alarming vehicilar incidents, and come through being an alcoholic crack fiend, with the help of  a liver transplant...