July 18th, 2019



Missed exercise yesterday to go to the GP. Haven't worked out today yet, either, due to rain pelting down this morning. Feeling sick as a pig again, too. Every gastric distress symptom you can imagine, yet I'm quite hungry. Had some yoghurt for breakfast, but I've felt vile, and just puked.
In an effort to distract myslef from morbid thoughts of grim medical conditions (still no hospital appointment-),
I went to the NPG for the Cindy Sherman show, which I enjoyed as much as I can enjoy anything at the moment. I've always liked her work, and there was a fair bit of stuff I'd not seen before. Some of her characters are really quite disturbingly weird....those women in the woods, the 'fairytale' stuff, etc. Yow.
I took in the (hiss) BP Portrait Award show as well. It was pretty dull as usual, although I quite liked a few of the pictures.
The crowds weren't too bad, but annoying enough.