July 4th, 2019

life is pain

Summer In the City...

After  the gallery visit yesterday, I strolled over to get the 77 bus home, just missing one, by, like two seconds, despite waving pathetically as the driver zipped by. A 20+ minute (supposed to be 10-12...)  wait followed, and when the bus arrived, it was jam packed, with several big breeder buggies aboard. I shouldn't have got on, but I didn't know they were there, until it was too late.  In addition, there were several slightly older kids just yelling and screaming all the way. I was being bumped and bounced, and went into panic attack mode, although, thank gods, I didn't actually 'perform'. Even at Vauxhall, I couldn't get a seat, and my legs were aching like hell.  Finally, I was home, and a man 'helpfully' yanked at my walker, so that I nearly fell off the step with it. I honestly thought I might faint, tottering across the road to my humble abode. Roll on, autumn.
Fortified by Pepsi Max Ginger, I flopped into the chair, and spent the evening  watching the rest of  the excellent GOMORRAH series 4. Grippin'!
Top man Genarro has the strangest face, a bit like an Easter Island moai, with the jaw of Desperate Dan. Don't mess with him!

Yet another fatal London stabbing yesterday, this time in nearby Latchmere Road! It all seems to be kicking off, around her, at the moment...