July 1st, 2019


Another Week...

Still a bit hot for my taste, but breezy, and generally quite pleasant, weather-wise. R Next Door smacked Lily and made her yelp, for disobeying.  She's in a bad mood, as her back's acting up. I ended up getting groceries for her again. Mostly she buys food for the dogs and all the other critters. I think they cost her about £50 a week. Of course, I have to buy several bags of monkey nuts a week for the squirrels and crows, myself, so I'm not a lot saner.
I mentioned I had to go to the dental hygienist next week, and she said it's just a money-making scam, as nothing can be done to improve teeth as discoloured as mine. (It might help me not to lose any more, though...)
Went to the feckin' launderette.
HANDMAID'S TALE continues a bit dull, apart from Aunt Lydia's meltdown.
Looks like a week of extreme pollen ahead, dammit. My eyes feel like sea urchins, or conker shells. This is no good.