June 30th, 2019


Melancholy Mornings...

Boy, I wish I didn't wake up every damn morning thinking 'OOOOOOOh Gawd, I'm dyin'!'   Coughing, sniffing, knee pain, nausea, general despair, etc. etc.
Usually Moon is on the bed, by then, intensifiying my allergic sufferings and piercing my thinning, papery  skin with her kneading activities. This is actually a comfort of sorts! Once her antics have forced me to drag myself up to provide her breakfast, I feel slightly less horrible...
Feel muzzy, sick & unsteady as I go about washing, cat duties, getting my coffee and something to eat together. Plop down at PC and gawk at emails,social media, today's GUARDIAN, etc. Once the caffeine hits, I start to feel that maybe I'll be able to go out and do my 'workout' instead of flopping back in the bed to finish dying.
Happily, difficult and tedious as it always is to get through my 'flailing'  routine, I feel considerably less depressed (That doesn't mean NOT depressed!) by the time I'm done, and able to get out and about, usually, for shopping, gallery-mooching or whatever.
Finished watching GOOD OMENS, which was not my cup of tea at all. (The opening credits are delightful,  though.)  It really is a bit of a turkey, IMO.
Feel very 'accomplished' anyway, as I actually managed  to strip the bed for tomorrow's schlep to the launderette, dust and hoover, and do a tiny bit of digging stuff out for the charity shop.