June 24th, 2019


Tropical Heat Wave...

...It's on the way, they say, and today has been truly vile. Rancid air like a dirty duvet draped over your head... Thank the gods it hasn't been sunny, or it would have been really steaming. I worked out in a slow and sweaty fashion, wrote my weird dreams down at Coffee Lovers, and decided to have a look for cheap, cool tops with pockets, at Elephant and Castle. I came home via the Strand, and, alas, got onto one of those Boris buses with windows that don't open, and no bloody air conditioning!  It was promised a couple of years ago, that they were going to be sorted out, but ... In addition to the heat, the stench of BO, what people had for dinner last night, etc. hung hideously in the humid air. Yaaargh!  Eventually, I started hacking and wheezing, and had to use my inhaler. Seriously,  people could peg out on those vehicles.
In streaming-land. I'm getting quite weary of Anne Lister's weedy girlfriend on GENTLEMAN JACK, but believe in RL they remained together for the duration. I'm more bored still with season 3 of HANDMAID'S TALE. I'm watching it, but I think the shark has definitely been jumped.
I've started on series 2 of DARK, which is a bit confusing for my feeble old mind, but it's got style. The new series of GOMORRAH has started, too, and despite the loss of a main character, it seems to be holding up well.
In general, Christ, I'm knackered!

...Some chance!