June 22nd, 2019


Here Comes Feckin' Summer...

I just about managed to work out. It already felt hot, to me. I've been drooping about all day. My leg is hurting, and I've got non-stop nausea.
This year's CARDIFF SINGER OF THE WORLD had an amazingly excellent crop. God knows how they chose a winner. One of my four faves, the handsome  Ukranian baritone bagged the trophy, and my other three faves, the Chinese tenor, the charismatically zaftig Argentinian mezzo, and this year's only basso, an incredibly accomplished  youngster from Noo Joisey also made the finals.
Nothing else on telly, so I watched INSPECTOR MONTALBANO. They really should have an episode where Cartarella gets murdered, That character  is just intolerable, and he's been getting away with it for twenty years, or so.