June 16th, 2019



I meant to follow KILLING EVE  week to week, but am now starting episode 4; don't think it's quite as good as the first, of course, but still massively entertaining. Finished SUMMER OF ROCKETS  which held my attention much more than the average Poliakoff tale, to the end. Also half-watched VENOM, which was passable, and GENIUS, which was rather dull The latter was a biopic of the early 20th century writer Thomas Wolfe. I was well obsessed with his doorstep novels when I was at school. I don't think he's much read at all, these days. I remember  being so dementedly into LOOK HOMEWARD, ANGEL  that I didn't sleep at all, one night, and was all gaga at school. Anyway, Wolfe was eccentric, to say the least, and practically a giant (6'6" ...freakishly huge in those days, with feet like snowshoes.) Somehow Jude Law  was not ideally cast! He was OK, though. He's quite a decent actor, nowadays. I didn't get really into it, though.