June 5th, 2019


Dorothea Tanning...

Well, I finally made it to Tate Modern to see the  show before it closes on the 9th. There must be a less convoluted way to get there by bus, though. it takes ages, and coming back in the midst of the Trump nonsense was about three times longer than it should have been. I don't know why, though, I wanted to get the 77 from Waterloo to Tooting, which wasn't routed through any demos as far as I know, but there were people who had been waiting nearly an hour.
It was raining hard at that point, or I would have bloody walked
Anyway, the exhibit was very good, and worth the schlep. Dorothea Tanning was a very interesting artist, both as a painter and in her weird fabric constructions. (Actually Room 202 is well scary; reminded me a bit of Polanski's REPULSION.)  Everything she produced is full of  meaning, from cute to creepy  to just plain crazy.
I blew over three quid on a coffee at the museum. It was very bitter, and I started to feel so nauseous I had to clear out, only drinking about half of it. Bloody waste.

Watched the DEADWOOD film, which was excellent. Shame, though, that it wasn't given another series or two to finish, back in the day.  Dastardly Cy Tolliver was much missed, due to the death of actor Powers Boothe a couple of years ago , along with a couple of other regulars. Unsurprisingly, there was an elegaic melancholy to the film, but it was nice to see happyish endings for several  of our old 'friends'
CHERNOBYL also finished; another of the very good , but harrowing dramas dominating the schedules of late.  THE VIRTUES  winds up tonight, too. I don't suppose that will be a laugh a minute, but it's fine, dark stuff, beautifully acted.

I really want to see the new GODZILLA film, although it's had unanimous dreadful reviews. Must restrain myself...