May 29th, 2019


Banged Up Indoors...


Stuck inside waiting for a Zooplus shipment of litter, catfood, dogstuff for R Next Door...Tedious. Need to exercise, as I might skip tomorrow, due to dental appointment, which is sure to be draining and/or excruciating. RADIO TIMES hasn't arrived yet, either.No post at all today, so far.
...One parcel finally arrived after 4:00, so I never went out. The other's supposed to come tomorrow. *Sigh*  I'm not feeling well, probably nerves  about tomorrow. I've got chills, nausea, etc. It feels very cold, to me, but tomorrow's supposed to be hot. Feck.
Saw an interesting film I wasn't particulary attracted to, THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS.  I've been a bit maxed out on zombies, but this was quite clever and original, with a  good cast.