May 26th, 2019


Another Holiday Weekend...

There's something stultifyingly boring about Bank Holidays; I thought so even when I welcomed the extra freedom, back  in slavejob days.
It's bloody humid again, but there's a nice merciful breeze, which is good. It's slightly cloudy as well, also takes the edge off The Hot. 'Mustn't grumble' anyway. It's 31 in Manhattan . Oucha!
The CARDINAL series ended with two fairly action- heavy episodes. The body count was pretty high. Alas, next week BBC4 is starting another series of  the corny MONTALBANO. Bah. Still, a lot of people seem to like it, even finding the  boring (to me-) tec sexy. Different strokes...
Watched EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT, a long, slow, mystical  trip to a poetic  colour finale. Interesting.
Recently read a weird item about this man who was imprisoned for drawing pictures of Mario Lanza on beer mats, etc. everywhere he went, for years, in addition to very basic graffiti of willies, like you see everywhere. Why on earth did they pick on him for being 'obscene'? I'm intrigued by the Lanza fixation