May 23rd, 2019


Teef Grief...

Alas, it turns out that bridges are not available on the NHS...I thought it was just implants. Po' folk are supposed to accept depressing, uncomfortable , ugly dentures and be glad of 'em.  I'll have to check if my insurance covers anything dental, but I think not. My 'three point bridge' is going to set me back about 800 quid, and I'm supposed to go for deep cleaning every 3-4 months from now on. (£45-) Bloody sodding hell. Well, thank the gods I can just about mange it, but it looks like my travelling days are really done, and I'll never be able to get a cleaner, etc. etc, Baw Yubba!
THE VIRTUES on channel 4 is pretty upsetting, but quite good. I've always thought  Stephen Graham was a very interesting  actor, and he gets better all the time; a knockout performance.
Speaking on (grunt) money, I popped into the lil' junk shop on Lavender Hill, near the Chase, yesterday, and he's got a case full of nice, heavy Indian silver rings. There were two with figures of Ganesh on them, and I figured I need some obstacles removed from my life, even though I really, really don't have money to spend on such fripperies. He gave me both for £25, though, and in Covent Garden, or Camden, say, they'd be asking about £50 each....Still, quite mental of me.