May 15th, 2019


I Keep Thinking It's Friday...

Another beautiful day, anyway. If all the summer were like this, I wouldn't complain.
There was a dead magpie in the park. Hope somebody less squeamish than I removes it. I am so feeble about such stuff, I couldn't bear to pick it up.
Watched a rather nifty little horror I'd never got around to, RAWHEAD REX, from the Clive Barker story. It was quite passable low-budget stuff, except , alas, for 'Rawhead' himself, which was possibly the most ludicrously lame monster since-oh, THE GIANT CLAW, maybe...

Haven't watched the much praised YEARS AND YEARS yet, but CHERNOBYL  on the devil's Sky Atlantic, via NOW, really gives me the creeps. Bleak, man.