May 12th, 2019


Jerkin' Geriatric...

A 'very worried-looking' young woman  accosted R Next Door in the park this morning, and said 'I think someone over there may be having a fit'...It was me, doing my stretches!  Now I'm all frit. Maybe I was having a fit, and didn't know it. That happens, I think. Bloody embarrassing, in any event. It was a beautiful morning, though. It's a pity it wasn't like this yesterday when they had that kiddy event down there.
CARDINAL is back in the Saturday night thriller spot, and seems OK so far.
I'm horrified by this poll showing  bloody Nigel Farage's new Brexit party storming ahead. What can be done? A coallition of Remain parties? It looks hopeless, just when glimmers of optimism had been creeping through.