May 4th, 2019


Renaissance Nude...

Went to the RA to see this smallish show, which has been very well reviewed., yesterday.  I got in for 7 quid with my Art Pass, which is a reasonable prive. Some of the 'blockbuster' exhibits are about £20.00 these days... I arrived at about 11 AM, but it was still annoyingly busy. Not unbearably so, though. There were some  good painting I hadn't seen in RL before, and a lot of enravings, books of hours, etc, in the vitrines. Sadly, some of them too wee for me to really appreciate with my cataracts. I liked the polychome statue, attributed to Donatello, of St Jerome bashing himself with rocks, as was his wont. Crazee, man.  All in all, I was quite impressed. Check it out if you can. As I said, it's not one of those mega shows, which can be tiring. You can see, and have a decent gawk at everrything in an hour or so.

Later, i had to work out in the mizzle, annoyingly. I ran into little Ollie's human, who said 'You keep getting slimmer!'  Not that I've noticed, although I must have lost a few pounds through all the puking.
I don't remember if I started watching that Avengers film MILLENIUM WAR before, and I kept nodding off this time, but I wasn't that keen, anyway. Loki got killed again, right at the beginning, and I'm mot that crazy about any of the others, especially feckin' Iron Man.
I also suffered through that new Ted Bundy film EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE. (The title's the best thing about it.) It was ever so dull.