May 2nd, 2019


Uh-Oh... TMI Time...

Just ate half  a veggie wrap from Pret, and barfed immediately. Three fifty down the drain. It tasted nasty, too, but I was trying to consume something 'healthy'  and hold it down. Meh
Watched that MCQUEEN  documentary on Netflix and it was fascinating, but really gave me the horrors. Poor bugger, what a tragedy. He obviously could be a bit of a shit, though. Imagine hanging yourself on the eve of your mother's funeral. His poor father and siblings...
On the bright side. I'm quite thrilled to see that the lift is now FIXED! Every time I had to bump my trolley down the stairs, I'd send my BP soaring with my frenzied anger that after over a fortnight, the council didn't have the common decently even to tell the inconvenienced tentants what was going on. Fap.
I also met Stumpy the squirrel this morning, which always delights me. (S)he?  vanishes for weeks at a time, and I'm always afraid  she's been assassinated by a dog.  She seems to 'know' me, as she waves her paws in  a 'gimme a nut' gesture on my approach, and shivers what's left of her tail enthusiastically. Critters.