April 29th, 2019


"Omigod, They've Killed ....."

Well, that was a pretty fine GOT battle. Only the usual problem that it was so dark you couldn't really see what was going on. I did, indeed, lose one of my favourites, but they went out heroically, of course. *Sniff*.
R Next Door was in one of her not speaking moods.
Went to Sainsbury's to use a ticket for triple Nectar points, and I lost it somewhere in the shop, before checking out. 'Kinell!
It's not so cold, now, and it looks like we're gonna get another little heat wave. BawYubba!...It's due for the  holiday weekend, though, when the people who uaccountably like that shit can enjoy it. Me, I'll be grumbling and groaning in a darkened room.