April 23rd, 2019


People in GOT I Hope Survive...

  1. Tyrion

  2. Arya

  3. Brienne

  4. Bronn

  5. Ser Jorah Mormont

  6. Lord Varys

  7. Tormund

I'd also like to see Jaqen H'Ghar  return, but there's no reason why that would happen, except that he's so smokin' hott.

I think Brienne and Sir Jorah are almost certainly doomed to die heroically, and I shall  be very, very  upset.

I went to the doctor's to pick up the application for the (tremble) Cataract Clinic, then had a coffee and went to the shops. Haven't worked out yet. I feel immensely  weak and weary.. Warmth and filthy air, perhaps. Must try to force myself...