April 7th, 2019



Felt so depressed when I woke up, I thought I'd have to take a day off  my park workout, I didn't think I'd even be able to pick up the paper. I did, though, Then, thanks partially to enountering R Next Door with the always uplifting dawgs, on the way back from the shop, I managed my 'flailing.' . So, that perked me up a bit, and I made a tiny inroad into my pile of shit to be discarded... T, I spent most of the late afternoon sitting like an eejit gaping at X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, which was quite entertaining. Must have been fab on bigscreen 3-D
I also watched THE HAPPY PRINCE, probably not the best thing to do while extra-demoralised. Rupert Everett really gave it some welly, and looked alarmingly fucked up  as the dying and destitute Wilde. He also directed. He's a talented writer, too; gifted bloke.