April 3rd, 2019

Weary Wednesday...

So knackered  again, this morning, with this great dread of facing the world. Bah. Also, my joints are killin' me.
I felt pretty chilly in the park, with my lil' bald head, but it wasn't really cold enough for one of my 'Benny' hats.
Watched a horror on Netflix; THE RITUAL, which was unoriginal, but well done enough to be pretty creepy.
I also saw PRIZZI'S HONOUR  the other day; one of those films  everyone seems to have seen, but I hadn't. I wasn't that impressed. Actually, I'm not all that mad about Jack Nicholson. He's very good sometimes, but mostly he just goofs off, IMO.
Old C sys she saw rats on three seperate days last week...due to the builders shaking everything up, I guess. Ugh.
There's this mammoth pile driver thing on the front lawn, now, which is actually quite interesting.