March 24th, 2019


Springy Sunday...

Very chuffed by the online anti-Brexit petitiion signatures reaching FIVE MILLION, and yesterday's possibly biggest-ever march here in London , of Remainers, all peaceful and some quite witty. If only it could have the result we need. *Sigh*
Watched I REMEMBER YOU, an Icelandic horror thriller on BBC4; pretty mundane and mediocre, but worth watching for the scenery.
The BAPTISTE season came to a lively end. Tom Hollander is really good at portraying somewhat sympathetic sleazebags.
I also caught part of the new BLUE PLANET; totally astounding footage of this woman who hangs out with sharks, and maintains thy have individual personalities. Some of them are quite friendly, and she removes hooks from their jaws, etc. Sometimes they actually put their huge, hideous heads in her lap. Makes ya think.
Today is Peppi Dog's seventh birthday, and the local sight hounds had a damn good running session downstairs.