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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

Soporific Saturday...

Looks like another duvet day.  I went out to the park early, and there was a nasty man with a yappy dog trying to catch squirrels, including Stumpy, (who I'd been worrying about as he/she had disappeared again.) I slowed down my exercises to keep an eye on him, but I was a bit scared to say anything, as the bloke was big and mean-looking, like his dog.  Harvey was there, too but well-supervised, except for his amorous (?) attack on me.
There are only three crows these days. I'm afraid the one with the injured leg may have snuffed it. *Sigh*
Another good DISCOVERY episode last night. The actor playing Young Spock, unfortunately looks nothing like Leonard Nimoy. (Zachary Quinto was a passable likeness.) His voice is quite similar, though.
During the week, I also watched one of those Netflix true crime sagas, EVIL GENIUS, about this weird femme fatale who bumped off two boyfriends, and probably her husband, then masterminded a bank robbery that ended in the horrible death of  a  sad,rather simpleminded pawn. In her youth, for some reason, she was considered beautiful,and was highly intelligent. Even in plug-ugly later life she seemed to exert this intense manipulative power over people. Fascinating, rather creepy stuff.
Also highly reccommend DAVID LYNCH: THE ART LIFE, currently on Netflix as well.
In addition to my current multitude of ailments, my eyes are  now constantly itching furiously. Maybe from walking around in the wind.

These Pictures Show The History And Controversies Of The NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade
These Pictures Show The History And Controversies Of The NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade

Each year, thousands of people take to the streets of New York City in honor of St. Patrick's Day, in a parade as historic and celebratory as it is controversial.

Posted by Lee Kennedy on 16 Mar 2019, 17:26