March 11th, 2019


High Winds and Idleness...

I excused myself from exercising as it honestly was a bit scary outdoors. lots of falling trees mashing cars, roofs blowing off, etc. Fortunately no one was hurt. It was so draughty and chilly in the flat that I actually had the heat on for half an hour or so.
I watched THE LOVE WITCH on Film 4; good silly fun, in lurid 50's style colour, with lots of  cinema in-jokes.

Monday: Still blustery, and evidently going to get worse again. It wasn't too bad, today, so I got my outdoor exercising done, and went to ASDA. I was really knackered, though, and sat down in the afternoon to doze in front of FLOG IT!  I've puked twice, as well, which is tiring.
I was up late last night watching GEMMA BOVERY, an entertaining adaptation of the Posy graphic novel. Most of the characters didn't look much like the drawn versions, though.
My thumbs are hurting like mad. No wonder I can't draw any more.
I want a cleaner.  I know it's Wrong, and I'm a bit ashamed, but I bloody NEED a cleaner. Come on, Euromillions...